Club History

The genesis for marina development really began with a document entitled “Proposed Park Port Development” which was prepared by the Town of Lewisporte in June of 1990. This document recommended in its plans for harbour development that “provision be made for completion of a small boat marina suitable for docking and storage of smaller vessels”. Subsequent to the release of this report, the Lewisporte Area Development Association (LADA) formulated a proposal entitled “Lewisporte Marina Complex Study” which made a strong case for extensive marina development. The proposal was presented to the Newfoundland Government’s Department of Development in September of 1990.

Subsequently, a joint effort and follow-up with respect to major marina development was initiated conjointly by three interested groups. Thus it was that the Town of Lewisporte, Enterprise Newfoundland and Labrador and the Lewisporte Area Development Association commissioned and financed an engineering study pertaining to a marina development in Lewisporte. This study was carried out by W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers of Ottawa in partnership with Barry Sheppard Consulting from St. John’s. Their draft report, entitled Preliminary Marina Master Plan, which was released in June, 1991, has been the primary guide in the subsequent development of the Marina Complex.