Privacy Policy

The following statement applies only to the operation of the website of the Lewisporte Yacht Club (LYC).

From whom do we collect Information?
We only collect information through our website from those individuals (members or non-members of the Lewisporte Yacht Club) who wish to receive communications from the Club

What Information do we collect?
We collect name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Club members not wishing to receive communications from the club are not required to register this information through the website. Both members and non-members of the Club can browse the Club’s website anonymously without being required to provide any information.

What do we use the information for?
To communicate with those individuals (members and non-members of the club) who have registered with the club through our website on matters relating to club activities and to convey information of a marine, boating or related nature.

Unless required by law we do not sell, distribute, share or in any way make available any of the collected information to any third parties except to trusted third parties where disclosure may be required for purposes of maintaining our website in which case we seek assurances that the third party maintains privacy policies no less stringent than our own.

Questions or comments concerning the Privacy Policy of the Lewisporte Yacht Club can be made through the Contact Us section of this website.