Responsibility of LYC building

If you are around the Marina and/or LYC building in the evenings after 10 pm please note that you are responsible to lock the doors to the LYC building and turn off most of the lights – leave on the outside lights over the doors and in the back hallway by the washrooms (all members should have signed out a building/gate key from the Marina).   Also, if you are leaving the parking lot around this time you are responsible to lock the gate on the way out. These two responsibilities are important aspects of keeping all our investments and assets safe!

In addition, if you see youth in the Club that aren’t accompanied by adults please ask them which boat they are associated with. If they are not the children of members, or their guests, they should not be on the property. We recently had youth in the Clubhouse that did not belong there, and they made quite a mess which had to be cleaned up. If you are not comfortable approaching someone that you believe shouldn’t be there, please contact Marina staff to deal with the situation appropriately.

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